Aerospace and Defence

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  • Coaching for Change Aerospace Clients - Airbus
  • Coaching for Change Aerospace Clients - AugustaWestland
  • Coaching for Change Aerospace Clients - BAE Systems
  • Coaching for Change Aerospace Clients - Doncasters
  • Coaching for Change Aerospace Clients - Smiths Aerospace
  • Coaching for Change Aerospace Clients - Rolls Royce

One of the many sectors that Coaching for Change consultants have a high level of experience in, is the Aerospace and Defence Sector. Both of these sectors have faced challenges in recent years which has seen them having to evolve quickly and smoothly to compete against lower cost and better performing Countries, to ensure their survival.

8D Training

The Aerospace Sector

With an expected doubling of airframes required from 2016 through to 2032 the supply chain cannot continue to operate in a "recover by crisis" way. Suppliers need to be working in a proactive and collaborative way. This means de-risking the design process and ensuring robust processes and governance is in place. UK companies need to close the gap on German and French competitors if they stand any chance of winning business. We help companies to explore, understand and tackle risks within process, organisation, technology and information exchange. This leads to a level of maturity and compliance that the likes of Airbus and Rolls Royce are seeking within the supply chain. There is an emphasis on demonstrating capacity and capability.

The Defence Sector

The Defence sector is under the scrutiny of the public. Pressures from austerity has driven a need to get more for a smaller budget allocation. These restrictions have seen the defence sector being dependent on their R & D as well as existing contracts for survival. They must continue to challenge their current processes, leadership capability, design for maintenance and organisation design to reduce the pressure, by squeezing cost out and delivering value for tax payers.

Our Experience

Our work in the aerospace and defence sector have seen the following improvements throughout our clients.

  • Achieved 25% cost reduction in a client’s 1st level supplier through our consultancy support.
  • Project managed an invoice query notes reduction project with fantastic results.
  • Developed “To-Be” wire harness design process which eliminated rework and recovered the delivery of a main stream aircraft.
  • Improved supplier delivery performance from a dismal 6% on time to 70% over a 6 month engagement.
  • Reduced defects on assembly lines.
  • Improved shift to shift handover practices.
  • Reduced inventory between stages on an assembly process from 7.5 weeks to 1 week, whilst improving delivery performance.
  • Halved the lead times associated with engineering change requests.

Our consultant portfolio include aerospace and defence giants such as Airbus, Agusta Westland, BAE, Doncasters, Kembrey, Smiths Aerospace and Rolls Royce.

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