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Lean techniques for the construction industry

The construction sector is under a lot of pressure to ensure efficiency from all of its pressure groups.

There are a number of steps and tools such as lean and six sigma, visual management, standardised work, JIT and Kanban that can be used throughout the many stages of a construction project. Hiring a lean construction consultant will ensure that there is a focus on waste reduction and delivering the project on time and within budget.

Construction Projects - Coaching for Change

Benefits for the construction industry

There are a lot of unpredictable elements to construction which is why changes need to happen fast so that it does not delay any other part of the project (or the project overall). Implementing lean processes and tools in your next construction project will:

  • Ensure projects are delivered on time.
  • Reduce materials waste.
  • Ensure costs are kept down.
  • Keep workers motivated.

How will it work?

Coaching for Change employ a 3-step process to drive change in line with your specific needs:

  1. Assessment (of processes, facilities and people) to gain a better understanding of your current performance.
  2. Engaging with the people within you organisation, giving them the passion to drive organisational change and implanting a culture that welcomes continuous improvement.
  3. Sustaining the skills to become leaders of change within the organisation through workplace coaching and mentoring.

What results will it achieve?

Our work in the construction sector has seen some great results for our clients:

  • 15% reduction in material consumption.
  • Improvements in block laying productivity.
  • Reduction in quality defects and scrap metal.
  • Reduction in project lead time through visual management practices and clear governance by all.

Why choose us?

Read our Construction case study to see how we have helped organisations in your industry.

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