Lean Six Sigma in Financial Services - Process Improvements

Lean Processes for the Financial Services Industry

Organisations in the finance industry are under continuous pressure to meet ever stricter legislation and best practices in their field.

The use and training of tools of lean six sign such as ICOR mapping, mistake proofing, kaizen, value stream mapping and Kanban within your company can ensure that the business is able to change and evolve to meet its changing environment with success and authority.

Finance Process Improvements

Benefits for Financial Institutions

Providing coaching and developing leadership and change programs can have a number of benefits for financial companies:

  • Improve the delivery of customer service.
  • Cost reductions through reduced FTEs.
  • Increased customer reassurance in a difficult sector.
  • Improve processes to reduce debtor and creditor numbers.

How does it work?

We can provide consultancy services and training for your managers so that they have the tools needed to continue the necessary and effective changes throughout the finance sector to ensure your continued survival and strength.

Our approach takes 3 steps:

  1. Assess – we will assess your current processes to gain an impartial view of your current performance.
  2. Engage – we engage with the people within your organisation, implanting a culture that is welcome to continuous change in the organisation.
  3. Sustain – our coaching techniques are used to coach the leaders within your organisation to become drivers of change.

What results can you expect

We have undertaken a number of projects in the financial services sector, and helped to achieve some fantastic improvements for our clients:

  • Reduced FTE by 15 through the project management of an FSCC relocation.
  • Revitalised Accounts Payable, reducing FTE by 64%.
  • Reduced creditors from 70% to 10%.
  • Reduced debtors from 80% to 14%.
  • Ensured DSO/creditor days reduction.

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