Improving Railway Fleet Performance

Lean processes in the Rail Industry

Establishing lean processes and clear standards are vital to help drive out waste with the result of reducing costs and improving service performance for the railway industry.

Coaching for Change will implement and train your team in tools such as lean and six sigma, JIT and Kanban to improve operation and performance processes.

Benefits for the rail industry

There are a number of benefits of implementing lean techniques in the railway industry, including:

  • Improving fleet reliability (in both performance and reliability)
  • Establishing and improving vehicle system maintenance procedures
  • Increasing engineering and customer confidence
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Reduction in penalty costs
  • Improved quality of unit and unit availability
  • More time and space for preventative maintenance

How does it work?

Coaching for Change provide advice and support for the railway and transport industry. Using their experience they will guide you for the strategy and delivery of lean six sigma and cultural transformation programs. We take a three step approach:

Assess – we start by assessing your current processes, facilities and people to gather an unbiased view of your current performance.

Engage – we engage your people so that they have a passion to drive change within the business, embedding a culture that embraces continuous improvement within your organisation.

Sustain – we use coaching techniques to coach leaders within your organisation to become leaders of change. This is done through workplace coaching and mentoring that will equip them with the tools and techniques to be a driver of change within your organisation.

railway sector improvement map

Results achieved

We have achieved some great results for clients looking to make improvements in specific target areas, such as system reliability improvement, component change out time reduction and fuel point value analysis.

Here are just some of the results we have been able to achieve for our rail partners:

  • Reduction of performance penalties.
  • Reduction of system failures from 51 per period to 7.
  • Reduced engine change time from 15 hours to 5 hours.
  • 20% reduction in engine change labour.
  • Improved train availability and late starts.
  • Increase unit throughput capacity.
  • Cycle time reduction – 36 minutes down to 9 minutes.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some of our clients had to say about us:

"Coaching For Change completed a night shift shunting process study for us. They engaged well with the staff and presented back their findings in a very professional and clear manner. The recommendations put forward have been implemented and has led to significant improvements in communication and cost avoidance

Coaching For Change delivered a Kaizen workshop focused on removing waste from an exam process and capturing a new standard – It enabled us to reduce the cycle time by 48% and the feedback from the team across nine categories was a perfect 100%

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