Lean Six Sigma Coaching

Worked with...

  • Coaching for Change Manufacturing Clients - Alvac
  • Coaching for Change Manufacturing Clients - Denso
  • Coaching for Change Manufacturing Clients - Maxam
  • Coaching for Change Manufacturing Clients - Parker
  • Coaching for Change Manufacturing Clients - Invensys
  • Coaching for Change Manufacturing Clients - Roxroth
  • Coaching for Change Manufacturing Clients - Westinghouse

Lean Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing is a sector where eliminating waste, reducing cycle time and increasing productivity is extremely important for the success and survival of manufacturing within the UK, increasing exports through competitive pricing and quality.

Our implementation experience, techniques, coaching approach and training in tools such as lean and six sigma, can see your processes improve and allow your company to operate with optimised levels of performance and increased profit margins.

Benefits for Manufacturing Organisations

Establishing robust processes and standardised work has such an impact, reducing cost of poor quality that can be as high as 40% of revenue for some businesses. Some of the benefits your organisation may see are:

  • Reduction in set up times.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Elimination of process defects.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Implementation of standardisation processes across the organisation.

Manufacturing Projects - Coaching for ChangeManufacturing Projects - Coaching for ChangeManufacturing Projects - Coaching for Change

How does it work?

We look beyond the internal processes, such as the logistics of transporting the product to the client, the quality and perception of performance by the end customer. We take a 3 stage approach in delivering cultural transformation programs:

  1. Assess
  2. Engage
  3. Sustain

A coach will assess your current processes, people and facilities, providing you with a neutral and unbiased view of how well you are currently performing.

Recognising the gaps in assess stage, we will work with you to develop a programme that engages the workforce, at all levels and disciplines, to lead the change required.

Finally, the leaders within your organisation are coached to demonstrate the behaviours and thinking required to sustain the performance gains through a workplace coaching and mentoring program.

Results achieved

Coaching for Change has decades of experience in this sector, our coaches have worked with the likes of Airbus, Alvac, BAE, Denso, Maxam, Parker Hannifin, Invensys, Rexroth, Rolls Royce and Westinghouse amongst others. They have all seen drastic improvements from using our support. Some examples:

  • Increased pipe manufacturing productivity from 4 to 16 per hour with one less person.
  • Reduced set up times on plastic moulding machines from 4 hours 20 minutes to just 20 minutes.
  • Designed a lean layout, resulting in 36,000 sq ft of saved place.
  • Reduced credit note costs form 10% of sales to 3% of sales.
  • Set up raw material Kanbans that released 1980 sq ft of floor space.
  • Reduced the set up times on machining centres and CNC lathes
  • Established a one piece flow on electrical motor assembly improving productivity to 2.16 good parts per person/day (up from 0.84).

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