Lean Six Sigma in the Security Sector

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One of the many sectors that Coaching for Change has worked in is the security sector involving security and cash counting operations of several blue chip companies.

For security operations to be at their most effective, any wasteful activity could lengthen the chain of command, risk or the communication time must be removed. Security and security actions must have the ability to go straight to the breech and ensure that security steps are in place so that action can be taken.

It is also very important that resources are managed correctly to ensure that they are there should they be needed to protect operations or to manage the potential risks as and when they occur.

Security Projects - Coaching for Change

How Coaching for Change Can Help

Coaching for Change can provide more than just initial evaluation, they will introduce beneficial changes to ensure that your company is effective and efficient in their practices and processes. Coaching for Change has the ability and expertise to provide consultancy services and training for the managers responsible for change in your organisation.

This will ensure that they have the tools such as lean and six sigma, value stream mapping, JIT, built in quality, standardised work and Kanban, all of which are required to continue the necessary and future changes after Coaching for Change has stepped back. Meaning that your investment is applicable to both the long term and the short term, this should see you your company reaping the benefits for years to come.

Our Experience

Our work in the security sector has seen the following improvements throughout our clients.

  • Delivered problem solving workshops aligned to projects that reduce penalty costs from banks significantly.
  • Reduction in cash loading errors

Our clients include security giant, G4S.

If you are interested in consultancy services, support and/or training for the security sector, then contact Coaching for Change today on +44 114 399 4895 for more information. Or if you are calling from Doha then contact us today on +974 7024 3656 for more information on our services.