Lean Six Sigma in the Telecommunications Sector

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Telecommunication has never been more important, it can make or break a project, a company and a reputation. The industry may be based on one of the simplest of actions but it can also become one of the most complex and most important system in an organisation today.

Lean Processes for Telecommunications Companies

The demands on the industry for added functionality, speed and reliability means building a collaborative relationship with vendors and clients. Streamlining the bidding process in new markets and delivering fast paced design changes.

Tools in the lean and six sigma toolbox can improve and streamline project delivery in your organisation, therefore proving that your company leads the way in delivering value in the telecommunication sector.

Telecommunication Projects - Coaching for Change

Benefits for the Telecommunications Sector

  • Streamline bidding processes and project delivery
  • Build a greater cohesion of practices and employees
  • Build a great culture and reputation

How does it work?

We can help provide consultancy services and training for your managers so that they have the tools to continue the necessary and effective changes throughout the telecommunication sector to ensure your survival and strength.

We take a 3 stage approach in implementing lean methodologies:

1)      Assess – your current processes, facilities and people to gain an understanding of your current performance.

2)      Engage – involve your people in the necessary change and train them to be supportive of it.

3)      Sustain – leave the leaders within your organisation with the skills to drive future change in your organisation.


Coaching for Change has a great deal of experience in this sector, our consultants have worked with a number of companies including Openwave, Vodafone, Corfan and Acision. They have all seen great improvements from using our consultancy support, training and mentoring, including:

  • Improved supplier performance to a major mobile phone provider raising balanced scorecard metrics from 36% to 72% over a 6 month timeframe.
  • Establishment of a visual management, customer centric dashboards based on lean six sigma principles.
  • Eradication of 40% of waste in the process from business opportunity lead to contract sign.

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