Organisation Design

Become efficient and effective

Organisational design is not about playing around with an org chart and putting names in boxes. It is about being revolutionary, getting a breakthrough in performance you never thought possible. Thinking functions and value rather than department and people.

We help clients re-shape their organisation to drive out waste and improve performance. We match up value stream with functions using our unique, robust and logical methodology. This challenges the culture and traditional thinking by focusing on "functional value", in other words, what is the total cost of our function and how does it support the end to end value stream? What are the key inputs and outputs at each stage, how do we measure, make the performance transparent and drive it through robust governance?

Results orientated leaders, interested in organisation design and functional value, have an edge. They believe the organisation behaves the way it does because of its design. The characteristics of a poor design will be:

  • Evidence of duplication and waste
  • Silo mentality
  • Lack of customer focus
  • Lack of ownership
  • Misaligned values / unwanted behaviours
  • Delays in decision making
  • Mistrust between leaders and workers

Leaders believing that design matters will act on five principles:

1. Design is driven by business strategy

2. Design needs holistic thinking - Investors in People framework for example looks across systems, people, structures, measures, processes, cultures and operational aspects.

3. Design for the future is better than design for now.

4. Design must not be taken lightly - It is resource intensive and relies upon a dedicated and strong change leadership acumen.

5. Design is a fundamental process not a quick fix. Relies on strong governance and project management disciplines.


Coaching For Change will guide you through a step by step methodology that focuses on functional value.

Working backwards from a clearly defined organisation design brief. You will be guided to identify dysfunctional aspects of flow, procedures and systems aligned to delivering value from a customers perspective.

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