Operational Improvements

Coming away from ‘batch and queue operations’ in a systematic way towards a lean and agile one takes time, effort and leadership. The benefits of moving towards a lean environment are pretty well understood, ie; reduction in lead-times, quicker response times, reduced inventory, freed up space, “fresher” products, improved cash flow (releasing working capital) etc.so why is it that some companies struggle to engage the workforce in keeping momentum towards the vision of a best in class environment?

Operational Performance Improvement

We help clients to make this vision a reality. Working in a systematic way with your internal change team and your people.The tools (5s, visual management, standardized work, Heijunka, Kanban, Mistake Proofing, etc.,) are not difficult to grasp. The difficulty for some is being able to articulate the link between the tools and the benefits tied to a vision of improving services or products to customer. Creating an environment where your customers could visit anytime without the need for you instigating a ‘major clean up”. Creating an environment where your customers get confidence in the way you manage Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Productivity and People. Driving performance improvement through aligned and visual KPI’s that are transparent and important to customers rather than individual silos. This is the continuous improvement challenge, one that gets us all upbeat and excited.

Our coaches have a deep knowledge of the Toyota Production System (some having worked there at a senior level) and this knowledge they have a passion for passing on and is something we measure to ensure sustainability of new systems.

We use our Coaching For Change kaizen toolkit that delivers fantastic results in a short space of time, enthuses your workforce and creates a catalyst for change. We have delivered getting on for 1000 kaizen events, globally and never cease to be amazed by the results.

Why not try us out with a 3 to 5 day kaizen style event. Below shows a results table from a 5 day event in a first tier supplier to Rolls Royce in the aerospace sector. The project was selected to improve a section of the value stream as a priority to improve delivery performance.

Lean Sigma Training

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