Transactional Improvements

There are many opportunities to remove waste and variability in support service functions or transactional office type processes such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, R&D and purchasing that are often overlooked. A belief that lean type thinking is not applicable. The tendency is to focus on the processes involved in service delivery or production. For something that may take minutes to produce often takes weeks to process from need to receipt. This impacts on cash flow, unnecessary inventory levels and cost. The opportunities are endless and unique to your organisation. Some example areas below.

  • Debtors and creditors processes - accounts payable impacting on cash flow.
  • Legal support services.
  • Marketing and media creation.
  • Processing engineering change requests.
  • Invoicing process - queries and delay.
  • Expenses - Inaccuracies, re-work and delays.
  • HR recruitment processes - From need to hire.
  • Order processing impacting on service to customer.
  • Bid compilation - Quality of information, delays, re-work all impacting on bid quality and chances of winning the work.

You will acquire the skills to assess and expose waste within your transactional processes. You will identify measurement points (the x's as we call then in problem solving terms) to ensure any new process (with waste removed) has a relevant visual dashboard for management control and dealing with abnormalities in a dynamic and comprehensive way. You will receive coaching and guidance on system design for dashboard reviews and measure the effectiveness of those reviews. From experience, the behaviour changes required for the new system to work, dovetail into existing leadership coaching or it is the catalyst for coaching to commence.

This leads to stripping out waste, improving performance, reducing lead times and cost associated with many transactional processes.


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