Supply Chain Improvements

Do you know how much waste you are paying for in your supply chain?

Working in a collaborative way, sharing risk and benefits addressing waste between customer and supplier is critical to keeping a competitive edge in a global market. Old style expensive expediting, beating the table and demanding better performance through threats does nothing for the long term.  We provide a "bridge" in the relationship. Supporting buyers and customer with turning around performance.

We transfer our skills to enable progress of long term continuous improvement efforts. This develops a core team that can replicate the methodology and utilise their skills across the  supply chain. Leading to joint cost down initiatives and improved performance.

Do you have problem suppliers? Are they letting you down on Delivery, Quality or Cost (or all three)? Would you like to develop a core team that can effectively engage with suppliers and turn around performance? Are you looking for a service provider to work with your buyers or supply chain leads to develop a value chain approach? If so, we can help you.

Assess for opportunities

Looking outside in, from your customer demand through to raw materials, assessing opportunities in scheduling, reducing inventory, transportation costs, packaging, lot sizes, etc., We expose where  the opportunities are in progressing towards a lean fulfillment stream. You will access a suite of supplier assessment tools that have been used across many sectors and used as benchmarking tools, particular in the aerospace and manufacturing sectors. 

The outcome will be a strategy for the value stream targeting specific areas that optimises bottom line benefits and ROI from dedicated resource.

change management 

Engage the people

Using data from lean fulfillment mapping, value stream mapping and assessment tools your people will understand the benefits of change and new guiding principles required to move towards a leaner future state. You will receive support and direction in establishing KPI's that drive the right behaviours and expose abnormalities quickly. Your people will develop capabilities and a new way of thinking through coaching and support in lean and six sigma methodologies and other techniques. Individuals within the system will become self aware of the opportunities, the means to address them and the threats of not doing so.


Your suppliers should allocate resource to acquire the necessary skills in change leadership and continuous improvement methodologies to continue progress. We will work closely with the allocated resource to transfer skills and knowledge. They will develop and take ownership of a continuous improvement master schedule, reviewed as part of the governance system between you and your supplier. 

The end result is a collaborative partnership with a common purpose - To drive out waste, optimise value to end customer, improve cash flow and sustained profitable growth. 

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