Coaching Skills for Consultants and Managers

Coaching Qualifications

Being an effective leader of change entails understanding what makes people tick, understanding at the deepest level what drives behaviour.  Being able to facilitate solutions from others, ensuring ownership and responsibility, requires a different set of skills than traditional firefight, instruct and tell style management. If.......

  • You find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of problems you have to manage.
  • You get fed up with everyone looking to you for a solution.
  • You find that people nod in agreement then do something else.
  • You appear to be working harder than everyone else.
  • You find things that you thought were solved, reappear.

then developing coaching skills will help you with this and more. Coaching is one of the 18 attributes needed in your role as a consultant or leader of change, see CLAW 360®


There are three ILM programs for developing Coaching and Mentoring skills.

Leadership development

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