ILM Level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching

Getting Started in becoming a great coach

If you are new to coaching or looking to broaden your change leadership skills, exploring coaching for the first time and want to experience the benefits of using a coaching style, then this is the course for you. You will find that you change your approach at work and home and become more effective with a wider choice of actions.

For the fully taught program there are 4 days of classroom work covering units:

D3.01 Understanding good practice in workplace coaching

  • Describe the role, responsibilities and characteristics of the effective workplace coach
  • Describe the range of appropriate behaviours for a coach to use to demonstrate respect for learner’s views and attitudes, promote equality of opportunity and avoid abusing their relationship with others
  • Explain how appropriate assessment tools can be used to identify a person’s learning needs and learning styles or preferences
  • Explain the importance of agreeing appropriate learning outcomes for workplace coaching activities
  • Explain how the agreed learning outcomes and a person’s learning styles or preferences should be used to determine an appropriate coaching style
  • Recognise any potential barriers to achieving the planned outcomes of coaching in the workplace and explain suitable strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Assess own ability to use a variety of interpersonal communication strategies and give effective feedback to learners on their performance in order to coach them in the workplace

D3.02 Organising workplace coaching

  • Considering the context of coaching at work
  • The pre-requisites for an ideal Coaching Environment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring and Assessment

D3.03 Undertaking supervised coaching in the workplace

Post the four days of training you will be required to build up a coaching log of 6 hours work based coaching. Along the journey to achieving the award you will receive 121 coaching tutorials and "supervised sessions" from a dedicated tutor.

The most cost effective delivery is through an "in-house" program tailored to your specific needs.

Download intro:ILM_L3_Qualifications_Coaching_and_Mentoring_0508

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