Action Focussed Leadership & Management..........and Building a High Performing Team

This powerful action focussed leadership and management programme gives you and your team the tools to positively influence, motivate and inspire your business to great success.

Leadership and Management are two completely separate skills. Leaders live in the future and concentrate on the vision and managers work in the present and formulate the steps to achieve the vision. Not all managers make good leaders and not all leaders make good managers, but with time and application of the principals we discuss and learn in this Action Centred Management and Leadership Programme it is possible to be both. Luckily for us all, no-one is born a leader; a born leader is a myth! Leadership (and management) can be learnt, developed and improved on over time and with practice.

The ultimate aim of the progrmme is to develop leaders, within the context of the business to:

  • support the development and implementation of corporate strategy, enable leaders to manage complex stakeholder relationships, improve operational and strategic agility and drive performance 
  • enable participants to lead their organisations through complex times and increased global competition, to deliver strategies for sustained success.
  • enable participants to lead change within their business.
  • ensure leaders are equipped to inspire, motivate and engage the workforce, engaging employees in the company's strategic goals and ambitions and ensuring tha the whole team buys into the company's growth plan and helps move the business towards achieving success
  • enable the business to become more productive and deliver on its growth plans
  • enable the implementation of lessons learned through the programme's delivery, through the development of a bespoke action plan

Our programmes are practical and focus on ensuring people are confident and competent to lead and manage others and able to make a positive impact.

The Action centred Management and Leadership Programme contents:

  •     Management Skills                                       
  •     Leadership Skills                                            
  •     Managing Time                                                                      
  •     Disc and Communication Skills                                             
  •     Recruitment and Selection Skills                                           
  •     Managing a Changing Environment                                      
  •     Introduction to Human Resource Skills for Managers          
  •     Managing Conflict Within Teams                                          
  •     Coaching Skills                                                                       
  •     Meeting Etiquette and Appraisal Skills                                 
  •     Team Building Skills and Developing the Culture                 
  •     Statement of Intent and Program Review                            

These workshops are about:  Accountability, Growing, Ownership, Action, and Learning.................. Having A.G.O.A.L.

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