Lean Learning Academy - ILM endorsed

ILM endorsed program

Leadership developmentThe LLA program previously developed by RWD was assigned to Coaching For Change in 2010. The concept being that the attendees live and breath a totally different cultural environment. Developing new leadership skills and way of thinking that fundamentally changes the organisation. 

The endorsed program is delivered by coaches that have held senior positions for more than 5 years and/or business owners with an in depth Toyota Production System.

Certification is awarded through the Institute of Leadership and Management (if a client chooses this option) and Coaching For Change as the approved centre.

The LLA program can be viewed in slide show by clicking on this link: leanlearningacademy.pdf

We advocate developing the capability to deliver the academies from within. With our approach there is a strong emphasis on measured knowledge transfer to ensure this happens in a time bound fashion.

Develop your own "Centre of Excellence"

Businesses in the public and private sectors are developing their own internal "Continuous Improvement Academies" or "Centres of Excellence". This is to mitigate the reliance on external support and organically grow knowledge from within. Sensei from consultancies are engaged to assist with the initial start up then withdraw as the client team become self reliant. We pretty much follow the same model. However, the difference with our approach is that we align programs to qualifications. Setting a country wide standard. Individuals acquiring a recognised qualification perceive it to be far more rewarding than an internal certificate of attendance.

If you can imagine having a Coaching For Change business within your own business then that is pretty much the vision. Your people will go through your academy, develop their skills and competence, deliver business benefits on the back of driving towards achieving a qualification. One centre used it as an enabler to acquiring Investor in People award.

Typically this is what you would receive from us in developing your own Institute approved centre.

  • Deployment of a Talent Management System. Defining roles, competencies and trainings library.
  • Training gaps analysis against defined competencies.
  • Customised business improvement and leadership programs that fit an Institute Standard
  • Customised training materials
  • Advice on resource selection for centre management and Trainers. Interview support if necessary.
  • Academy team trained to meet the Institute quality standards
  • We will lead training and handover via integrated train the trainer approach
  • We will compile all the necessary proposal documentation for approved centre status
  • The option to use us as your internal verifier

Or just contract us to develop and manage the "Centre of Excellence" for you.

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