Practical Problem Solving

Practical Problem Solving Workshop

Delivered internally for clients with a tailored approach to your needs.

This is a 2 day workshop structured around a case study problem. The delegates will work in teams on the case study and be challenged to make sense of data and not jump to conclusions. Its fun role play type learning environment.

At the end of the workshop delegates will have the confidence and way of thinking to ensure problems are tackled in a systematic way.

Delegates will explore different approaches to problem solving based on the principle of PDCA thinking. They will use 8D and A3 formats to compare and contrast using the case study data. 

The first Day:

  • Overview of problem solving methods
  • "walk" through an A3 real life example
  • COPQ - Cost of Poor Quality understanding - Problem Selection
  • Case Study introduction
  • Defining the problem
  • 5W's and 1H & IS/IS NOT
  • Building a team
  • Team dynamics
  • Developing a charter
  • Commence initial analysis
  • 1st of the seven quality tools
  • Team share and wrap up 

The Second Day:

  • Capture learning from first day.
  • Identifying the many variables
  • Understanding containment and identifying actions using the case study
  • Comparative analysis (IS/IS NOT) using the the case study
  • 2nd to 7th quality tools
  • Apply 2nd to 7th using the case study (Team share at various stages)
  • Permanent actions / givens and wants
  • Validation, Confirmation and Behaviour

Outcome: Be in a position to apply the learning to a real life problem (With some coaching support)

Recommended Attendees

This course is recommended for anyone that is accountable for leading or supporting problem solving efforts.

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