The CLAW 360 Evaluation Tool

The CLAW 360 Evaluation Tool measures a leaders capability and behaviour using 18 change leadership attributes identified from the input of hundreds of change management professionals. These attributes include self awareness, integrity, knowing your team, communication, respect for others, and many more.

CLAW reporting integrates within the talent and performance management platform providing you with the tools to effectively manage your staff, increasing performance throughout your business from individuals, departments, and the organisation as a whole. It also has a secure home page and can be personalised to reflect your business.

Features of CLAW 360

CLAW 360 is a self-reflection evaluation tool aimed at driving effective leadership behaviour and has the following features:

  • Fully customisable in order to integrate your company values
  • Benchmarks and tracks personal development
  • Provides a framework for coaching and mentoring around priority development areas for teams and individuals
  • Creates a comprehensive personal report based on the views of those you need to influence and engage

Benefits for my business?

Reduce HR administration costs. Eliminate paperwork and streamline processes.

Performance record traceability and retrieval for any litigation.

Carry out a review in 10 minutes and can be used monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually or on demand as and when you need it.

Monitor the performance of your employees on a regular basis, in turn creating strong relationships between employees and supervisors which will allow them to effectively discuss and solve any problems that may be highlighted.

There may be many employees within your business, and no doubt each will have a specific role with unique responsibilities. You have the autonomy to develop customised assessments which are specific to the job role and the level.

Therefore, you will be able to effectively measure the improvement in the performance of your business as a direct result of increasing communication between staff, goal deployment, coaching and mentoring, and training.

This complete talent management system will help you to:

  • Change the behaviour and culture within your business
  • Improve your customer service
  • Improve the moral of your staff resulting in effective team work and higher staff retention
  • Achieve the ‘Investors in People’ accreditation
  • Coach individuals with leading lean improvement projects, learning tools and techniques, changing leadership skills along the way
  • Provide one to one leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Develop the capability for internal consultancy skills
  • Improve the capability of  internal change management
  • Claw 360 is used as a pre-requisite for entry on to lean leadership academy programs

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