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We have a unique customisable system that measures ROI from our coaching interventions.

If you have tried or are in the process of any business improvement change then you will realise how tough it is to engage people, get them on board with the journey and accept new standards of operating. In the lean world, carrying out isolated "rapid" improvement activities with a scatter gun approach through kaizen or Jishuken type events may get a short term breakthrough but does it really deliver benefits for the long term? Businesses get an enthusiastic early response from workers but it soon dies through lack of change leadership capability. Worse still, is the fact that the events have not been thought through and are nothing more than "superficial quick wins" delivering little value to customer

Consultant Skills Courses

Good change leadership capabilities are needed to ensure sustainable change and excellence are pursued as a way of life - part of the culture. Creating a culture of continuous improvement, working to new and improved standards, problem solving and solution ownership is achievable through acquiring a balance of key change leadership attributes.

Our change leadership competency framework and goal management system CLAW 360® is integrated into an innovative, customisable and powerful talent and performance management system. This advanced leadership software, powered by Bullseye Evaluation technology is designed specifically to improve the performance of continuous improvement teams, internal and external consultants, managers, lean leaders and change agents. In fact, its effective for anyone responsible and willing to develop their capabilities in leading people through change in a sustainable way.

There are 18 segments that make up the Change Leadership Attribute Wheel in being effective in a change leadership role. An example of an individuals profile is shown below. Click on the wheel to see a presentation given to the Institute of Consulting. The presentation shows a real life case study example demontrating ROI from using our model.

Change ManagementThe data that underpins the development of CLAW 360® comes from the culmination of information and research acquired from 843 business and change management professionals. At the heart is self awareness and integrity.

With CLAW 360® you will receive direct feedback on how others (Peers, sub-ordinates, Manager) perceive your performance - you will become self aware by default. Taking responsibility and committing to change based on the feedback will enable you to improve and enjoy what you do. What's your CLAW score?

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