KPI Management Software

The KPI Management Platform will enable you to understand plan v actual status in under 3 minutes from anywhere in the world. This isn't about presenting pretty charts (which it does), its about focusing on what's important and driving actions to resolve problems in a transparent and logical way.

Try it out for a couple of weeks and see for yourself.

Benefits of using KPI Manager

  • Convert "discussion shops" into action orientated reviews
  • Raise Customer confidence with controlled access to project status
  • Drive supplier perfomance improvement
  • Improve planning decisions by seeing the forward load and allocating resource accordingly
  • Drive accountability for recovery actions - Every corrective action is logged.
  • See status of actions and check corrective action loading on employee
  • Develop project management skills
  • Ensure problem solving efforts are focussed on the vital few
  • See the impact of problem solving efforts
  • Eliminate bespoke time consuming reporting
  • Benchmark sites across common metrics
  • Manage remote team working

Features of KPI Manager

  • Customisable software (your branding)
  • Upload from existing ERP systems.
  • Data reporting charts and graphs. Drill down capability.
  • A3 problem solving template and reporting built in
  • Timebound Pareto charts against tailored failure codes
  • Customisable personal dashboard - you choose what you want to see.
  • Site to site balanced scorecard
  • Security SSL certs incorporated
  • Cloud based solution so accessible anywhere with a reasonable internet connection
  • Ticket system for support
  • Responsive - access on any device 

Options for bringing into my business

  • Purchase the software and training - we will help to set up a couple of projects and train users.
  • Purchase the software and consultancy support: We will assist with challenging current meetings/reviews, turn them on their head and facilitate a more effective way with the software.
  • Combination of the two above - we tailor to your specific needs.
  BronzeSilverGoldIndicative time frame
KPI Licence We provide you with a licence/site and you find your own way using the extensive help file * * * 1 day
KPI Manager Branded We provide a branded portal and licence/site   * * 5 days
Set up KPI's We provide 2 days on site training to set you up with some KPI's and intitial projects   * * 2 days
Challenge existing meetings A CFC Coach assesses a current meeting, challenges the Purpose, Objectives and Outcomes, re-designs with "buy-in", setting up and using the KPI Manager to drive a more efficient way of operating. Runs new format six times until sustainable     * 30 days support
Develop PPS skills A CFC coach trains up to 12 personnel problem solving techniques and how to use the platform to manage status   * * 10 days support
Develop internal PPS certified gurus A CFC coach trains and coaches up to five individuals to complete an A3 and gain practitioner status with the Chartered Quality Institute.     * 12 weeks lead time
20 days support