Talent and Performance Management System

Everyone likes to know how well they are performing when doing their job. Feedback is incredibly important in a work environment and an essential part of business performance management too.

Talent & Performance Management System - CLAW 360

This unique, web based software system allows you to completely eliminate paperwork, providing you with the tools to effectively manage your staff. By measuring the capabilities of your employees, identifying what could be improved, and providing the tools to improve performance, you will be able to increase the success of your business and your return on investment.

It's fully scaleable and can be used for companies with 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 employees.he Talent and Performance Management System can be described as a ‘one stop shop’ for managing people from when they are hired to when they exit the business.

With this effective system, you will be able to create and customise an unlimited number of competency assessments for your staff, which can be tailored to fit specific job roles.

How Can The Talent and Performance Management System Help My Business?

By doing so, you will be able to:

  • Increase the performance of your employees
  • Deploy goals top down for strategic fit and bottom up for personal priorities
  • Link training library to competencies
  • Identify where employees may be able to improve and develop
  • Provide a career path and succession planning for performing employees
  • Identify talent and capability within your business that may otherwise have been overlooked

Increase the Performance of Your Staff and Your Business

The Talent and Performance Management System allows you to align your business goals with the development needs of the individuals who work for you, in terms of both their career aspirations and personal development.

The system will drive the performance of your business on an individual and organisational level by helping you to do the following:

  • Increase communications
  • Clearly establish what is expected of employees
  • Reinforce good performance
  • Improve unsatisfactory performance
  • Keep your high performing employees as a vital part of your business 

By benchmarking the improvement in the performance of your employees, you will be able to measure the improvements that have been made by increasing communication, goal deployment, coaching and mentoring, and training. The Talent and Performance Management System enables you to track your return on investment and the link between improved business performance to improved individual and departmental effectiveness and capability.

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