Strategy......... Helping businesses review and develop winning strategies

In today’s business environment strategy is more important than ever, there are few bad businesses but many bad strategies.  Coaching For Change work with executive teams to raise the level of strategic ambition and create clarity on the best strategic direction.

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is a systematic process for developing an organisations direction.  It sets the objectives and actions required to achieve the future vision and outlines metrics for measuring success.  By helping you refocus on your fundamental purpose, goals and opportunities.  Having a strategy paints the big picture and forms the basis for your business to achieve your vision.

A strategic plan is not to be confused with a business plan which is generally viewed as being an operational plan, and normally is an annual plan.  A strategic plan, on the other hand, is about high level thinking, looking forward up to five years.

Why does your business need a strategy?

  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Forces you to review everything at once! The big picture
  • Money is utilised thoughtfully and carefully
  • Milestones need to be set and reviewed as your company develops
  • Gives you clarity and focus on what needs to be done
  • Time management and resource check list
  • Gives you a vision
  • Reduce risk and time wasted
  • Focus on the valuable outcomes for your business
  • Vital for securing future funding

 Why do businesses need help with strategy?

  • Lack of resources
  • Need help in defining the above with your team
  • Require outside facilitation
  • Understanding on what needs to be included
  • Training and probing “are we doing the right thing for the business?”
  • Setting your business up to succeed?
  • Help with individual elements of the strategy

As highly qualified business professionals we will provide you with the best advice and keep you one step ahead of the competition.  With our extensive knowledge and vast experience of developing skills across your sector.

What are the benefits?

  • Over 100 years knowledge and experience at all levels
  • Planning and Implementation understanding and expertise
  • Understanding of industry know how and culture
  • Tried and tested methods
  • Straightforward, non-jargon training methods
  • In-house or digital approach (what works for your team)
  • We work around your needs and time frame

To discuss further your strategy development, please call 0114 399 4895 or email